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Introduction to the application range and outstanding characteristics of polymer wear plate

Jun 24, 2019

Molecular wear plate is widely used, can do the mixing machine high wear liner, flotation machine wear impeller and mixer liner, etc. In addition, it is also learned that this polymer wear-resistant liner has anti-dry cracking, moisture resistance, light weight, do not absorb water, will not increase the equipment momentum and reactive power.

Let's take a look at its scope and features! This new polymer wear plate can be widely used for example shipping machinery rails, transmission belt, conveyor slider seat, fixed plate, assembly line timing star wheel food machinery star wheel, bottle count screw, filling machine bearings, bot parts, washer guide pin, cylinder, gear, roller, sprocket handle paper washing tank cover plate, deflector, scraper , bearings, nozzles, filters, oil reservoirs, anti-grinding strips, felt sweeper textile machinery opener, shock absorber bezels, connectors, crankshaft linkages, shuttle rods, brooms, partial rod bushings, swinging beam construction machinery, agricultural machinery and other fields. If you need it, you can consult our professional staff directly.