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Main processing materials and production of polyethylene plastic sheet

Jun 19, 2019

As a professional production of polyethylene plastic sheet products well-known manufacturers, we carefully built high-quality plastic sheet quality, excellent performance, more about polyethylene plastic sheet related content, the next by our professionals to explain it to you, I hope to help you. Polyethylene plastic sheet is a synthetic material, we often refer to PP plastic sheet is generally made of PP material, polyethylene plastic sheet is mainly made of PE material, ultra-high molecular weight plastic sheet is mainly for PE plastic sheet made through various processing. But in addition to these more basic materials, polyethylene plastic sheet production needs to add other substances, in order to ensure that the plastic sheet molding and achieve its unique properties, in order to cope with complex high temperature and high pressure use of some auxiliary materials, in addition to in order to ensure that the appearance of the plastic plate more perfect, Some colorants or lubricants are also used.