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Performance analysis and application fields of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene raw materials

Aug 07, 2019

Although ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) is a family of polyethylene, its linear molecular chain is ten times longer than conventional high-density polyethylene. This unique structure makes it ideal for comprehensive material properties. In addition to heat, abrasion resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, self-lubrication, stress crack resistance, adhesion resistance, excellent insulation, hygienic safety and impact resistance are the highest among all plastics, and can be used for a long time at -169 Working at +80 °C, it is called "amazing" engineering plastics, which can be widely used in metallurgy, electric power, petroleum, textile, paper, food, chemical, machinery, electrical, environmental, mining, petroleum, agriculture, construction. , electrical, medical, sports and refrigeration technology industries.

The ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene is obtained by a slurry polymerization process of an olefin monomer such as ethylene, and has a viscosity average molecular weight of more than 1.2 million, and the appearance of the product is a white powder. Zhongjiang Polymer has many years of UHMWPE research and technical experience, and produces ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene raw material series with superior performance and price ratio according to user needs:

1. Comprehensive physical and chemical properties:

l Indicator name Measurement method Indicator

Density g/cm3 ASTM1505 0.925-0.93

Tensile yield strength MPa ≥20

Elongation at break % D638 ≥350

Cantilever beam impact strength KJ/m2 does not break |

l Indicator name UPE-118 UPE-128 UPE-138 UPE-4022

Viscosity average molecular weight x104 ≥100 ≥150 ≥300 ≥550

Volatile (m/m)% < 0.15 < 0.15 <0.10 <0.10

Fineness (mesh) 40≥95% 120≥95% 120≥95% 100≥95%

Thermal deformation temperature °C ASTMD648 ≥83 ≥90 ≥90 ≥92

2. Wear-resistant plastic crown: Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene has high wear resistance. The higher the molecular weight, the higher the wear resistance and impact resistance.

Material UHME-PE PTFE PA66 POM 45# Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Yellow Steel

Average wear rate 0.58 2.31 1.51 3.1 4.02 4.05 16.74

3. Good overall performance: The elastic modulus is more than 1.5 times that of PE100; the fatigue strength is >500,000 times, which is more than 30 times that of PE100.

4. Chemical resistance: High chemical stability, strong corrosion resistance, resistance to various corrosive media (acid and alkali salts) and solvent erosion

5. Good self-lubrication: UHMW-PE has the lowest sliding friction coefficient in plastics, only 0.07-0.11, which is the reason for its self-lubricating properties.

6. Environmental stress cracking resistance is optimal: environmental stress cracking is >4000h, which is more than twice that of PE100

7. The impact energy absorption is the highest value, and the sound absorbing property is good.

8. UHMW-PE has a very low water absorption rate: water absorption is less than 0.01%, which is only 1% of nylon. Its physical and mechanical properties are independent of working conditions

9. Strong anti-scaling: anti-adhesion is equivalent to Teflon

Main use: It is used to produce plastic products such as plates, pipes and special-shaped parts. Its products are mainly used for self-lubrication, non-fouling, impact resistance, wear resistance, etc. It is also used for sintering microporous filter equipment and suction. /muffling material

Raw material packaging, storage and transportation: The inner plastic coated kraft paper bag for the outer packaging of the product, 25KG per bag, should be stored in a ventilated, dry place, sunscreen, moisture proof