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PTFE sheet is widely used in the field of sealing

Sep 29, 2019


PTFE plate, with its excellent performance, replace PTFE sealing tape and other sealing material sealing tape, more and more popular by various types of sealing industry and widely used.It can effectively prevent all kinds of mechanical equipment, fuel tank cover, cylinder cover, gear box end cover, all kinds of pipe flange, equipment, storage containers, towers, cans, especially the leakage of non-metallic PTFE rods, such as industrial production facilities, improved sealing effectiveness, is the industrial production enterprises and related industries for gas, liquid medium "run, run, drip, leak," radical leak effective tool.

Tetrafluorin plate is a new type of sealing products, can replace gasket, gasket and other sealing products, it is a unique processing process PTFE molded plate made of a very novel and unique sealing materials.It is a continuous white pure ptfe products, with good flexibility, compression and resilience, creep resistance, high and low temperature resistance and excellent corrosion resistance, no aging, self lubrication.Excellent sealing performance, installation and use is very convenient, is the chemical industry, medicine, petrochemical, food and beverage, electronics, power, metallurgy, shipping and other industries ideal sealing materials.

Tetrafluorin plate, because of its soft, large compression ratio, easy to form three-dimensional space, can be embedded into the micro crack and damage of the crack plugging, especially in acid, alkali, corrosion and non-metal equipment, large diameter container connection effect is outstanding, can effectively protect the brittle material device connection.To such as glass, pottery and porcelain, the device of nonmetallic such as graphite, plastic, have special effect extremely.It can compensate and balance the errors caused by defects, mechanical processing, rigid deformation, installation dislocation, etc., balance the uneven preload, and effectively solve the leakage problem of various facilities under complex conditions.