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Sep 14, 2016

Roller, also known as drum, widely used in rotary screen printing machines, digital printer, mine to transport equipment, paper, packaging and sorting machinery and other kinds of driving conveying system in the conveyor.

Rollers for cylindrical parts, by purpose-driven and driven roller roller; dynamic rollers and the drive is divided into non-powered rollers, power roller is made up of single chain drum, double chain drum, double o single o with rollers, with rollers; no power roller is divided into teeth within the drum and spring loaded rollers. According to its structure consists of cylindrical roller and tapered rollers.

Usually are made of seamless steel tubes, depending on the technology used, such as aluminum 6061T5,304L/316L stainless steel 2205 duplex stainless steel, cast steel, solid forged alloy core materials.

Mainly early roller roller production car, initial balance, interference fit shaft welding, finishing and precise dynamic balancing process composition. If the geometric tolerance as roundness, cylindricity and straightness and other requirements in the following 0.2mm, is required after finishing external circular grinding machine or roll grinder grinding. The surface hardness required, you may need to increase the heat treatment process.

Roll forming, anti-rust corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and support needs, you also need surface treatment or coating such as paint, zinc plated, TEFLON coating, rubber, chrome-plating, ceramic spray coating and oxidation processes.

Classified according to size, large rollers for paper machinery (length up to 10 m above the 1500mm or more in diameter), a small automatic assembly line belt conveyor rollers for use on (typically within 1 meter length, diameter of 159mm)

Divides according to the function, passed to ensure accuracy, such as digital laser printer rolls, filter effects, such as paper-making mechanical roller, precision requirements of the support roller, roller with heat exchange requirements, there is heavy filter pressing roller.