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Roller specifications

Sep 14, 2016

Roller production requirements

1. Rollers should be sufficiently rigid to ensure that under heavy load, bending deformation does not exceed the permissible value.

2. Roller surface should have sufficient hardness, generally requires more than HRC50, has strong corrosion resistance capability. Coated with anti-stripping ability to ensure roller working surface with good wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

3. Roller working surface should be refined to ensure dimensional accuracy and surface roughness. Roughness in Ra0.16 above, does not air holes or grooves. Roller working surface of uniform wall thickness, otherwise it will make the roll surface temperature differential, influence product quality.

4. Roller should have good thermal conductivity of materials, usually chilled cast iron, special circumstances and molybdenum-chromium alloy cast steel, whether it is heated or cooled, were able to achieve rapid and uniform.

Roller maintenance edits

For prolonging the service life of the roller, must make a good drum maintenance work. [1]

1. regular cleaning of the rollers coated with dust and other foreign matter.

2. regularly check the roller shell and solid end cap welds.

3. good lubrication, reducing wear and loss.

4. avoid overloading, extend the life of drum.