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The application of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene

Sep 14, 2016

With ultra high molecular weight polyethylene has many excellent characteristics, which in the high performance fibres market, including offshore mooring rope to a high performance lightweight composite materials have shown a great advantage, in modern warfare and aviation, aerospace and sea defence equipment plays an important role.

1. ultra high molecular weight polyethylene to create coal, lime, cement, slag, salt, grains of powder documents trailer, Hopper, chute lining, because of its excellent self-lubricating, non-stick, can make the powdered scene file for storage and transportation facilities are not glued, guarantees a solid recommendation.

2. ultra high molecular weight polyethylene used to sponsor pipeline liquid such as quicksand, and the outstanding performance compared to other pipes in: life expectancy increased 18 times times compared with bamboo, interest to 1/25, compared with nylon tube life span increased by 3 times times, interest to 1/8. At the time of sponsorship, barrier than non-metal pipe in pipe 25%, greatly improving the frequency of sponsor.

3., buckets and ore chute compartment liner range, using traditional non-metallic files, have cold, wet weather, items will be thawed on the non-metallic, while adopting polyethylene sheet never, which greatly reduces the landed cost. In the dump on the trouble of bulk vessel lined with a layer of polymer after polyethylene sheet, symmetrical time of discharge from the 16~20h down to 8h.

4. in terms of Defense quartermaster equipment, due to its good resistance to shocks, larger than the energy absorbed in the military can be made of materials used in protective clothing, helmets, bullet-proof, such as helicopters, tanks and ships the protective shell of armor plates, radar covers, missile shields, bullet-proof vests, stab-resistant clothing, shields, parachutes, etc.

5. in aerospace engineering, due to its light weight, high strength and good impact resistance, suitable for various aircraft wingtip structures such as aircraft, spacecraft structures and buoys. Can also be used as a space shuttle landing deceleration parachutes and ropes of hanging heavy on the plane, replacing the traditional steel cables and synthetic fibre rope, its extraordinarily rapid pace of development ...