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The coal warehouse liner processing adds tlcp and thermoplastic resin mixture

Jun 25, 2019

The coal warehouse liner processing adds tlcp and thermoplastic resin mixture, so that in the force field effect consciously along the flow direction of movement, the occurrence of significant shear and thinning behavior, and in the base resin in the central position to form an enhanced phase with orientation structure, in-place fiber, and then play to enhance and improve the coal warehouse liner processing fluidity effect. This method not only increases the fluidity of coal barn liner processing, the use of general thermoplastic processing technology and general equipment can be easily processed, but also can maintain a high tensile strength and impact strength, wear resistance is also greatly improved.

The coal barn liner can be made with a variety of rubber vulcanization composites to make modified pe sheets, which can be further made of composite materials with metal sheets. For strong polar polymers, the critical polymerization is 40, the critical polymer of surface non-polar polymerises is 80, and the weak polar polymer is somewhere in between. In addition, it is necessary to pay full attention to the addition of polymerization, mechanical strength is also correspondingly increased, but the polymerization is greater than 200-250, the mechanical strength of polyethylene sheet added is not much. In addition, when the polymerization reaches 600-700, the molecular weight continues to increase the strength of the polymer polyethylene plate is no longer clearly increased. Thus, we must choose a more appropriate molecular weight in order to better complete the excellent mechanical nature of polymer polyethylene plate.