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The color of the bunker lining represents different grades

May 16, 2019

The commonly used bunker lining color is divided according to grade, and different colors represent different grades. The coal bunker lining consists of 4 grades, 4 main colors, white, blue, black, red and green. If the customer has special requirements, it can also be customized according to market demand.

The color and grade of the coal bunker lining is divided into: Food grade white: in accordance with the FDA FDA / USDA and 3-A dairy guidelines, is an excellent high wear resistance, black: modify and add special non-high polymer materials The coefficient of friction and antistatic properties are improved, and the cast stone bunker liner requires non-electrostatic grades for lubrication - black: where static components are easily deposited. Some allow the transfer of current to eliminate accumulated static electricity.Oil levels - green with FDA / USDA, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene bunker liner, suitable for food and pharmaceutical industries, coking plant bunker liners, containing oily additives, Used to lubricate the surface of the contact. Applicable to the reduction of rotational frictional resistance, it is not recommended to use in dusty environments.