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The effect of coal warehouse liner on coal power generation

Jun 19, 2019

Coal silo is an important part of the powdering system of coal-fired power plant, in large and medium-sized power plant, most of the main plant coal silos are made of steel and steel plate. Because the material flows in the warehouse, the friction with the steel plate of the warehouse is easy to damage the wall, while the surface of the steel plate is rough and easy to cause blocking coal. Therefore, the inner wall of the coal warehouse in the design is considered to add 1 layer of wear strength is higher than the ordinary steel plate 5 to 6 times the surface smooth coal warehouse liner, in order to extend the life of the coal warehouse, reduce the maintenance rate. For a 600 MW unit, the coal warehouse capacity of the main plant is about 3,618 m3, the surface area requiring lining is about 1122 m2, and such as 2 x 300 MW unit, the main plant coal warehouse capacity is about 3,228 m3, the inner lining area is about 1608 m2, the engineering volume is large. If the operation of a large fall out of the situation, on the one hand, resulting in the loss of protection of the grass-roots steel plate and accelerate wear to damage, on the other hand, the lining sheet fragments will clog the coal warehouse outlet, resulting in coal supply blocking, at this time will have to carry out a shutdown maintenance, not only affectthes normal production, but also caused huge economic losses.

It can be seen that the design and construction of coal barn liners is of great significance to ensure the safe operation of the unit.