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The large characteristic of the coal bunker liner is its low coefficient of friction.

Jun 25, 2019

The larger characteristic of the coal warehouse liner is its own low coefficient of friction, self-lubrication performance is excellent. Its friction factor in water lubrication conditions is pa66 and pom 1/2, in no lubrication conditions second only to self-lubricating better teflon (ptfe) when it is to slide or turn the situation, than steel and brass add lubricant lubrication is better, so in the field of friction is known as the cost performance of the very ideal friction material. Alternatives and complementary products for coal barn liners. There is also a need to know the policies regarding the work of coal barn liners and the needs and characteristics of domestic and foreign markets. Of course, it is more important to clearly know the needs of consumers, demand for deepening market research, because the product is still in the hands of consumers, so we need to know the needs of consumers, the work of the user on the coal barn liner focus on the main elements are: the quality of the liner, function, appearance and the effectiveness of the business. The melting point of polyethylene sheet is at 130 degrees and the relative density is less than 1. Polyethylene sheet has its own unique heat resistance and cold resistance, but also holds a stable chemical stability function. In addition to these polyethylene plates also hold a high degree of rigidity and resistance, mechanical strength is also good. Ultra-high molecular polyethylene sheet also has dielectric function, ring-resistant stress cracking is very good. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene wear plate series, the company developed a variety of wear-resistant products widely used in cement, building materials, metallurgy, mines, thermal power plants, ceramics, refractory materials and other industries ball grinding equipment powder preparation and ultra-fine processing, products with high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, low crushing rate, etc.

Can greatly improve the production capacity of enterprises, reduce the production capital of enterprises, reduce the labor intensity of workers. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene although there is -40oC low temperature, there is still a very anti-impact nature, even at the liquid gas-269oC temperature, still can maintain a good impact-resistant nature, this excellent low temperature characteristics, so that the application of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet to the field of low temperature engineering. Very low friction coefficient. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet is very wear-resistant, and friction coefficient is low, self-lubricity is excellent, is a kind of aspirational bearing bushing, slider, lining material. The use of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet as a friction component of the equipment, in addition to improving wear life, but in addition to plate, pipe and fiber, the rest of the products are only used in small limits, single varieties. The balance of color plates in polymer polyethylene liners is achieved in nature. In order to avoid the production process due to the material sticking to cause a large effect on production, in the sticky material's broken feed, each transport erlast, ingredient silo, ingredient silo and other parts of the installation of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene lining, its anti-consumption, impact resistance, low temperature, self-lubrication and other excellent functions, can be long in the celsius temperature to minus 269 degrees Celsius conditions, And the water absorption rate is very low has extrastickiness, has a good anti-blocking effect. High density polyethylene plate durable properties excellent, long service life: selected a special development process to build wear plate in the actual use of wear plate is holding a very high hardness, so that those required in the hardness of technical standards related to the technical standards of equipment machinery, such materials can supply us with a large advantage of value. Energy savings are also available.