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UHMW board manufacturers: how to effectively extend the service life of UHMW boards

Aug 02, 2019

The UHMW board has many excellent properties, such as odorless, hand-like wax, and also has excellent low-temperature resistance. It is a kind of high crystallinity, and the high-definition polyethylene sheet is in the air, ultraviolet radiation occurs in the atmosphere. Under the influence of sunlight, aging, discoloration, cracking, brittleness or powder, its mechanical properties are lost.

At the molding processing temperature, also due to oxidation, the melt viscosity is lowered, discoloration occurs, and streaks appear. What should we do with its oxidation?

After a long period of exploration, further research has found that if you want to modify the processing of oxidized polyethylene sheet products, the method of polymer polyethylene sheet is added to the reagents that have the function of UV protection and antioxidants, such as UV absorbers or abrasions, such as carbon black, can significantly improve their resistance to aging changes.