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uhmw board manufacturers reminded to deal with the cleaning and protection

Aug 02, 2019

UHMW board manufacturers reminded to deal with the cleaning and protection of UHMWboards

1. UHMW board manufacturers are also crucial to the cleaning work after the use of polymer boards. On the one hand, we can clean up the coal hanging on the wall of the coal bunker without causing unnecessary waste. On the other hand, it can extend the use time of our polymer plates. The benefits of this can be said to be very many. So, don't overlook the cleanup of our polymer boards.

2. For the inner wall of the coal bunker of the polymer board, we should clean the material stuck on the silo wall and restore the flatness. To ensure the inner wall of the lining and the coal bunker, there should be no lifting phenomenon. Note that the installation is from bottom to top during installation.

3. The temperature of the polymer sheet has a great influence on the quality of the product. Note that the specific middle temperature of the mold should be slightly lower than the temperature at both ends. It is necessary to have uniform and stable temperature conditions to assist; the lip spacing should be equal to or slightly less than the thickness of the polymer plate, and the uniform and stable temperature ensures that the flow rate of the extruded melt amount is smoothly equal pressure, so that the longitudinal thickness error of the lining plate is small. .

4. The temperature control of the molding die should be too high or too low to affect the flow speed of the melt, so that the thickness of the formed polymer plate will produce a large error. At higher temperatures, the melt is easily decomposed and there are bubbles in the liner; when the temperature is low, the surface of the liner is dark and not smooth.