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UHMWPE Application based on wear resistance and impact resistance

Jul 31, 2019

1), textile machinery

Textile machinery is the earliest application area of UHMWPE. At present, there are an average of 30 UHMWPE parts used in each textile machinery in foreign countries, such as shuttles, shuttle sticks, gears, couplings, sweeping rods, buffer blocks, eccentric wheels, rod bushings, swinging back beams, etc. Wear parts.

2), paper machine

Paper machinery is the second area of UHMWPE applications. At present, the use of UHMWPE in papermaking machinery accounts for 10% of the total amount, such as the wiper board, suction box cover, deflector, hydrofoil, compacted parts, joints, sealing shafts, partial parts of paper machine made by UHMWPE. Guide wheels, scrapers, filters, etc.

3), packaging machinery

Replace the modified fluoroplastic with UHMWPE to make the guide rail, the slider seat of the conveyor, the fixed plate, etc., UHMW-PE guide rail, pad, and barrier (plastic steel).

4) General machinery

UHMWPE can be used to make gears, cams, impellers, rollers, pulleys, bearings, bushings, bushings, pins, washers, gaskets, flexible couplings, screws, pipe clamps, etc. Such as the protective plates of piers and bridge piers.