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UHMWPE is based on self-lubricating and non-stick applications

Aug 30, 2019

Material storage and transportation

UHMWPE can be used to make hoppers, silos, and chutes for powdered materials such as coal, cement, lime, mineral powder, salt, and grain. Because of its excellent self-lubricity and non-stickiness, the above-mentioned powdery materials can be used. No adhesion to the storage and transportation equipment is ensured, and stable transportation is ensured.

The hoppers of coal, mineral powder, grain, etc. used to be packaged and transported with stainless steel lining. Now UHMWPE lining is used. When used for a long time, the heat can be reduced. The hopper of Baosteel transporting ore uses UHMWPE, which is longer than the original metal material. Increase by 10 to 50 times. UHMWPE is used to make the hopper lining for easy construction and low cost. Therefore, the UHMWPE lining is also used for the hopper of coal transportation in large power plants.

The coal chute of the coal yard is made of UHMWPE, which reduces the angle of inclination and thus increases the amount of production. It transports 400,000 tons of coal without changing the trough, and its service life is twice as high as that of the magnesium alloy.

UHMWPE is used for solid conveying pipelines such as flowing sand. Compared with steel pipes, the life is increased by 18 times, the cost is reduced to 1/25, the life is increased by 3 times compared with nylon pipes, and the cost is reduced to 1/8. When transporting, the resistance inside the pipe is 25% smaller than that of the metal pipe, which greatly improves the conveying efficiency.

In the case of chutes, buckets and linings of ore cars, when using traditional metal materials, in cold and humid weather, the material will freeze on the metal, but UHMWPE will not, which greatly reduces the unloading time. After lining a layer of UHMWPE sheet on the dumping funnel of the bulk carrier, the average unloading time was reduced from 16 to 20 hours to 8 hours.

Agriculture, construction machinery

UHMWPE is excellent in self-lubricating properties. The soil is easy to slide on its surface without sticking, and its impact resistance and wear resistance are excellent. It is suitable for the production of agricultural and construction machinery parts. For example, the sliding plate of the combine harvester, the outer lining of the plow, the squeegee of the backhoe, the lining of the shovel bucket, and the lining of the dump truck can greatly improve work efficiency and reduce energy consumption.


UHMWPE's self-lubricating and wear resistance and cold resistance can be used for skating and snowboard bottoming. UHMWPE is mainly used in Europe and America. Ski slopes (20mm thick) are covered with UHMWPE, and the maximum speed of skateboard can reach 110km/h.