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UHMWPE modification

Jul 31, 2019

First, the liquidity modification:

The blending of 1UHMWPE and LCP greatly improves the fluidity and can be processed by a single-screw extruder; the more the LCP is added, the better the fluidity of the mixture;

2UHMWPE is blended with PE, and the added amount of PE is less than 30% to ensure that the blend has good processability without reducing too much excellent performance;

Adding less than 10% of polyethylene wax, stearate and other additives to 3UHMWPE;

4~HMWPE is added with 3~5% layered nanosilicate, and the melt flow index can reach 0.2~0.4g/10min;

Adding 1% fumed silica to 5UHMWPE can be used as a nucleating agent for polyethylene to improve fluidity.

Second, wear resistance modification:

Adding the coupled molybdenum disulfide, graphite, ultrafine carbon black, ultrafine glass microbeads, carbon fiber, polytetrafluoroethylene, etc. can reduce the friction coefficient and improve the wear resistance; while adding rubber, polyurethane, etc., increase the friction coefficient .

Third, heat resistance modification:

After plasma cross-linking treatment, the use temperature of UHMWPE can be increased to 200 ° C; filling the coupled inorganic filler (such as glass beads, wollastonite, talc, mica, calcium carbonate, etc.) in UHMWPE can be obvious Increase the heat distortion temperature HDT.

Fourth, thermal conductivity modification:

Adding metal powder such as copper powder, aluminum powder and lead powder can improve the thermal conductivity of UHMWPE;

Fifth, mechanical modification.