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UHMWPE Strip and CNC Machined Parts Usage

Jul 03, 2019

Transportation machinery

Guide rail, conveyor belt, conveyor slider block, fixed plate, flow production line timing star wheel

Food Machinery

Star wheel, bottle counting screw, filling machine bearing, bottle grabber parts, washer guide pin, cylinder, gear, roller, sprocket handle

Paper machine

Suction cup cover, deflector, scraper, bearing, nozzle, filter, oil reservoir, wear strip, felt sweeper

Textile machinery

Opener, damper baffle, connector, crankshaft connecting rod, shuttle bar, sweeping needle, eccentric rod bearing, oscillating back beam

Construction machinery agriculture

Bulldozer pushes up the material in the sheet, dump truck compartment, tractor lining

Chemical machinery

Valve body, pump body, gasket, filter, gear, nut, seal ring, nozzle, cock, bushing, bellows

Port machinery ship

Spare parts for ship parts, side rollers for bridge cranes, wear blocks, etc.

General machinery

Various gears, bushings, bushings, sliding plates, clutches, guides, brakes, hinges, flexible couplings, rollers, rollers, fasteners, lifting table sliding parts

Dyeing modification

Dipper bearings, scrapers, sliding plates, gaskets, seals, tenter guides


Snow lining, power sled, ice rink pavement, ice rink protection

medical supplies

Rectangular outer parts, artificial joints, prostheses, etc.


Screening plates, electroplated parts, ultra-low temperature mechanical parts for refrigeration machinery and atomic power stations