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What are the components of the polyethylene sheet?

May 17, 2019

How many people don't know much about the composition of polyethylene sheets? I believe that everyone has some common knowledge about polyethylene sheets through our contents below, and understand more and more clearly, then the plasticization of Tangyin Xinxing is small. Let me explain in detail.

Polyethylene sheets are made of many materials and are made of plastics. Among them, the main component of high molecular polymer (or synthetic resin), in addition, according to various special properties required for plastic building materials and various special environments for the application of plastic building materials, various auxiliary materials such as fillers and plasticizers can be added in an appropriate amount. , lubricants, stabilizers, colorants, etc., can be a good performance plastic. For the polyethylene sheet, it has high temperature resistance because of its constituent raw material ultra-high molecular polyethylene, and then it can maintain normal operation under a certain high temperature environment. Therefore, polyethylene sheet appears to be a relatively common material on the market. At first, polyethylene sheet was used as a warehouse liner. When the warehouse was stored to two-thirds, in order to prevent the impact of materials on the liner, this time can only Adjust the material and flow of the warehouse. In fact, too low temperature will affect the service life of polyethylene sheet, and the storage time of the warehouse should be shortened as much as possible.