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What are the factors affecting the wear of the pe board?

May 20, 2019

The raw material of pe plate is polyethylene material, which has strong wear resistance. However, in our century of application, pe plate will still have certain wear and tear. The following new engineering plasticization Xiaobian introduces the degree of wear of pe plate. What factors affect it.

There are usually two ways of wear on pe sheets, high stress wear and chisel wear, which are generally not worn because of their high strength and wear resistance.

Chiseling wear means that the friction exceeds the wear resistance of the pe sheet, so that the appearance of the pe sheet is embrittled and dropped. Usually it is easy to present in the working place of ball mill liner, iron forging, etc., so in the presence of super friction, the wear resistance of pe sheet should be enhanced.

The ultra-high stress wear refers to the strength of the pe sheet after the super-pe sheet is subjected to an infinite impact force, so that the pe sheet exhibits the appearance of cracking, cracking, etc., which is because the pe sheet is subjected to great stress, and here In this case, the strength of the pe plate should be increased.

The appearance of these representations is actually rare. The strength and wear resistance of pe plates are actually trustworthy. However, the wear and tear of pe plates are sometimes encountered in the application of the pe plates, and they should be paid attention to during the application process. The ability to withstand the use of goods.