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What are the functions of high wear-resistant coal bunker liners in which industries?

Aug 22, 2019

There are a lot of high wear-resistant coal bunker linings, and they are used in many places. Which specific industries are there, and what role does it play in the industry? The following small series will explain to you:

1. Paper industry: The wear-resistant and lubricity of the high wear-resistant coal bunker lining plate, the main products are vacuum box panel, dewatering plate, sealing strip, paper cutter bushing and so on. The high-wearing coal bunker liner thin-walled pipe with a thickness of less than ten mm can be used as a cladding pipe for the belt conveyor and the paper machine roller.

Second, the beverage and food industry: high wear-resistant coal bunker lining plate using wear resistance, impact resistance, non-stickiness, sanitation, no toxicity, production of working plates, conveyor screws, gears, etc., to play clean, long life, anti-mildew effect It can also be used as other sanitary parts.