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What are the main welding methods for coal bunker liners?

May 23, 2019

Tangyin County Xinxing Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. specializes in producing ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene liners, plates, high molecular weight polyethylene filter plates, coal bunker liners, etc. Among them, coal bunker liner is a kind of high quality plate, which has been gradually It has been widely used, but in the application process, it is necessary to do the corresponding welding work. Now we will explain in detail what are the main welding methods for the coal bunker liner:

For corrosive materials, in order to prevent the material from corroding the steel body wall of the inner wall of the lining, the coal lining plate is formed into a whole, the warehousing surface is smooth and smooth, the material flow is smooth, and the lining plate is welded by the welding rod, and the reinforcing lining is attached to The firmness of the silo wall and the protection of the steel structure of the silo wall.

1. After the lining plate is fixed on the wall of the warehouse with steel bolts, the 2-3mm gap lining plate left by the lining board is placed at the 45 degree groove of the vertical joint and welded by the welding machine.

2. The welding rod is welded by the high temperature melting of the welding machine under the above cover principle, and the lining plate is connected as a smooth overall surface.

The main welding method for coal bunker lining is these, and everyone must perform reasonable operations according to the instructions so that their performance can be fully demonstrated.