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What are the processing methods for PE compartment liners?

Aug 02, 2019

PE compartment lining sheet is odorless, feels like wax, has excellent low temperature resistance (low temperature can reach -70~-100 °C), good chemical stability, and can resist most acid and alkali corrosion (not resistant to oxidizing properties) Acid), insoluble in common solvents at normal temperature, low water absorption, excellent electrical insulation properties; low density; good toughness (also suitable for low temperature conditions); good tensile properties; good electrical and dielectric insulation; low water absorption; Low permeability; good chemical stability; tensile strength.

PE car lining sheets are cut because different shapes are required for different uses, and it is necessary to cut the PE sheets into the desired shape by plasma cutting or carbon arc cutting or a grinding wheel saw. The bending of the Pe sheet means that it is cold-formed to achieve the purpose of bending, and the generally curved shape has a circular shape or an arc shape.

PE car lining plate opening is also very common. Generally, it needs to be opened for the installation. The hole also needs plasma cutting, but a point spark machine is needed for the hole that cannot be completed by plasma cutting. Carbon arc cutting can also meet the needs of opening. PE sheets can also be welded to other steel structures. First through the hole, and then connected with other steel structural parts. The processing of PE sheets is to grind PE sheets, and the processing methods are also various.