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What are the requirements for leg pads when used?

Jun 12, 2019

Leg pad I think we've all learned that, so what are the requirements for leg pads when they are used?

Let's take a look at:

(1) Selection of standard stocks: The following shares of the curve are standard stocks, and the straight line depends on the route.

(2) Horizontal difference, the horizontal difference to determine the height of the amount, the existence of high and low level, the first visual or string to measure a high and low difference, estimate the amount of high, high and low pad after the pad level difference.

(3) First release the standard stock of the sleeper fastener, with the starter to lift the rail, with a small shovel knife shovel loose pad, according to the amount of height, the pad placed on the rail pad, after the Panasonic starter down the rail, tighten the fastener. (4) standard stock pad after good, according to the same procedure, pad opposite the stock.

The amount of the opposite stock is equal to the height of the standard stock plus the original horizontal difference. (5) After the pad is good, tighten the fastener with the control gauge, the gauge hour, the opposite stock first tighten the inner buckle, and vice versa, tighten the lateral fastener first. The number and thickness of pads cushioned in the operation are not exceeding the prescribed range, such as the breakage of the pad, the bad action of the fastener should be replaced at the same time, adjust the compatibility of the buckle plate and cushion, so that the fastener is not "three not dense", torque standards.

The degree of tightening of the elastic strip I type and N type fastener can be used to see whether the lower jaw of the middle end of the elastic strip depends on the sticker bezel, and when the lower jaw of the middle end of the projectile is affixed with the gauge, the nut is tightened by 1/4 laps, and the torque can reach N m.

(6) Seamless line section, rail temperature over the actual locking rail temperature + 20 1 or more, the ban pad operation. Leg pad In the use of some of the requirements, we have finished the analysis, hope to help friends, if there are friends want to buy leg pad can consult our consultants for consultation and purchase.