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What are the welding methods of PE board?

Jun 06, 2019

 PE plate is a kind of plate that we often use, it is small density, easy to weld and process, with superior resistance, heat resistance and impact, non-toxic, tasteless is currently the most in line with environmental requirements of one of the engineering plastics. So do you know what the welding method of Pe board is?

Let's take a look at it below. The welding method of PE plate generally thinks that thermoplastic welding is irreversible. A few processes, such as induction welding, can produce reversible assemblies.


As to which method to choose should be selected in the design of the workpiece, because the welding method for the workpiece depiction needs are very important, and different welding methods have different effects. Hot air welding technology is generally used to weld plastic tubes, tablets or semi-finished products instead of injection molded parts. However, many thermoplastic molded parts, together with thermoplastic motor discs, are repaired with hot air welding technology, and hot air welding is sometimes used to prepare plastic sample molded parts. Hot plate welding, which is electrically heated metal molds to make the surface of the connected plastic parts soften the thermoplastic welding process.

Suitable for almost all large or small thermoplastic parts. Common suitable for welding softer semi-crystalline thermoplastics such as PE plate or PP plate. Because different mold surface temperature energy names are suitable for two different thermoplastic materials, this process is best suited for welding different materials. Hot Plate welding can reach a high welding strength.


However, the cycle of this process can be relatively long, small parts need 15s, and a large workpiece takes a few minutes. Hot air welding is widely used to connect thermoplastic profiles and sheet production of large parts of the welding method. Suitable for smaller injection molded parts requiring some assembly, repair of thermoplastic parts and manufacture of sample molded parts.


It is important to produce the electrode with the same polymer brand as the welded workpiece. OK, so what are the welding methods of PE board? Today to introduce you, the above explanation of several Pe board welding methods, but also the experience of a number of manufacturers, now share to everyone, hope to help you improve the PE board welding technology. If you would like to know more about the relevant information, you are welcome to pay attention to the other content of our factory.