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What components are wear plates generally made of?

Jun 19, 2019

As a professional wear-resistant plate manufacturer, we specialize in the production of wear-resistant plate product quality, products by the vast number of new and old users welcome and praise, more about the wear-resistant plate related content next by our professionals to explain it for you a simple, I hope to help you.

Wear-resistant plate is suitable for coal, metallurgy, steel, thermal power, cement, coking, glass, washing coal, smelting and other industries of coal silos, silos, funnels, chute to do liner, can effectively solve the problem of coal silos, silos blocked, bonded, bridge problems that plague enterprise production. Wear-resistant plate alloy wear layer mainly to chromium alloy, but also add manganese, vanadium, vanadium, nickel and other alloy components, the gold-phase tissue carbide is fiber-like distribution, fiber direction and surface vertical. Wear plate carbide microhardness can reach HV1700-2000 or more, surface hardness can reach HRC58-62. Alloy carbide has a strong stability at high temperature, wear plate to maintain a high hardness, but also has a good antioxidant properties, within 500 degrees C fully normal use.