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What is the chain guide?

May 23, 2019

The chain guide is a static pressure guide that supports and guides the chain to reduce chain friction, reduce noise and enhance chain life.

Traditionally, chain guides made of steel have the main disadvantages of causing severe wear on the link plates and rollers on the sprocket, and constant lubrication in order to reduce friction.

Now it is mainly processed with engineering plastics such as UHMWPE and polymer nylon. It has the advantages of self-lubrication, wear resistance, no noise and corrosion resistance.

The extrusion has the advantages of low cost, the machining has the advantages of high precision, more wear resistance, more flexible size, and can be quickly adjusted according to different needs, and can be produced in small batches.

It is used in almost every industry's drive chain, belt or chain drive or product transmission.

Punched or overwrapped stainless steel welded.