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What is the difference between nylon and PE?

May 20, 2019

Nylon sheets are an important material that can cover almost every area, and some can even replace metal materials such as steel. PE board is a kind of thermal resin, which has good water resistance and can resist most acid and alkali solutions. It is mainly used in food, packaging and chemical industries. They are both engineering plastics, and they are similar in terms of performance and use. Which kind of performance is better than the two? The following new engineering plasticization Xiaobian will be compared specifically.

First look at the nylon board. The chemical properties of the nylon board are stable, and neither acid, alkali, salt or alcohol compounds will corrode it, and it is odorless and non-toxic. Because it is not metal, it will not rust. It has strong elasticity, good toughness, no deformation and can resist external shocks at the same time. The nylon board is very flexible and can be dyed in different colors and beautiful.

Look at the PE board again. The biggest advantage of the PE board is wear resistance, the friction coefficient is extremely low, and it does not adhere to the items in contact with it, so the work wears less and the service life is long. Its impact resistance is very strong, its water absorption rate is extremely low, and it has good low temperature resistance. It can work normally without cracking even at a temperature of minus 176 °C. It is widely used in storage warehouses for lime, cement, and blends to solve the problem of adhesion of these materials to each other.

In terms of high temperature resistance, nylon plates can withstand high temperatures of 110 ° C, PE at around 90 ° C, and nylon plates are superior. Moreover, PE plates such as concentrated nitric acid, xylene, and carbon tetrachloride are still corroded after contact, but the corrosion resistance of PE sheets is four times higher than that of nylon sheets. So they all have their own advantages, how to use them or to see their own needs.