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What is the resistance to the latest supply of polyethylene sheets

Jun 24, 2019

We know that the production of each product, has its own many outstanding performance, otherwise it will not get better development and application, will not get the majority of users' recognition, for today we talk about polyethylene sheet is no exception, in order to further promote the user's understanding of it,

We introduce the anti-electric properties of its polyethylene sheet as follows: Polyethylene sheet has a very good anti-electrical properties, because there are some materials in the temperature to a certain extent after the electrical resistance drop, prone to circuit breaks and other phenomena, and even cause serious accidents, and polyethylene sheet is not, it can be in a large range of temperature space with excellent electrical properties, the plate in very high temperature conditions,

It can also be guaranteed its 50kV/mm breakdown voltage, that is, if the voltage reaches 50 kV, can break through 1 mm of polyethylene sheet, which can be seen as its excellent electrical resistance. About the anti-electric properties of polyethylene sheet for you to introduce here temporarily, if you have other questions or do not understand its story, you can directly consult our professional staff, we will do a satisfactory answer for you.