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What is the value of ultra-high molecular polyethylene board?

Aug 13, 2019

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene liner not only retains the high impact strength of UHMWPE, low friction coefficient and excellent self-lubricating properties, but also satisfies customers' different performance requirements. Such as flame-retardant high-molecular-weight polyethylene board, the lining plate is difficult to be ignited, and can be actively extinguished within 3-10 seconds after being separated from the fire source, and does not drip, the amount of smoke is small, and the evaporation gas is harmless to the human body.



After inspection by the National Flame Retardant Materials Research Laboratory, it was determined that the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene board is a green environmentally-friendly material with high implementation and use value. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene liners are used in the use of mechanical properties, which are often used as metal fabrics. The strength of the metal is related to the wear resistance of the U-polymer polyethylene sheet and the customer's desired properties. together.


Flame-retardant polymer polyethylene sheet, widely used in China's electric power, coal, steel, cement, coking and other occupations, to prevent the formation of fire caused by coal spontaneous combustion and other factors. The subtlety of the processing technology and technology of the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet is that the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet has poor fluidity and high viscosity in a molten state, and it is difficult to process it by a general method.


Limiting sintering molding is the earliest processing method. It is to place the powder of the ultra-high molecular polyethylene sheet in a mold, and to add a blank which has a certain strength and density, and then to be sintered at a predetermined temperature. Technology is relatively laborious, and quality is sometimes not well controlled, due to multiple processes.


The latest selection of special equipment for extrusion molding saves a lot of unnecessary processes, basically one step in place, and the product quality qualification rate is appropriate, I believe that in the future, in the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene board occupation The special equipment extrusion technology will completely replace the traditional sintering limit technology.


Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet is resistant to impact, fatigue, non-toxic and tasteless. It has been widely used in various silos, hoppers, chutes, pipes, slag trench fabrics and anti-wearing machinery at temperatures ranging from -70 to +100 °C. The parts are ideal for handling anti-wear, anti-blocking and anti-corrosion.