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What methods do polyethylene sheets use to prevent decay?

May 17, 2019

Users who have applied to related products such as polyethylene sheets know that there will inevitably be a problem of decay after using them for a period of time. In order to avoid such problems, what methods can be used for prevention?

This professional technician introduced that in order to better prevent the decay of the polyethylene sheet, it is better to keep the ventilated and dry state when using the polyethylene sheet, and to paint the surface of the sheet, the paint coating not only separates the sheet. The air is separated from the water, and it is also beautiful.

Another method is to add preservatives, which can effectively prevent the decay of polyethylene sheets. There are many methods for injecting preservatives into polyethylene sheets, usually with surface coating or spraying method, hot and cold tank soaking method, and atmospheric pressure soaking. Law and pressure infiltration method, etc. Among them, the surface painting or spraying method is simple and easy, but the preservative can not be deep inside the wood, so the anti-corrosion effect is poor. The hot and cold tank soaking method is to first dip the wood into the hot preservative for several hours, and then quickly transfer it to the cold preservative to obtain a better antiseptic effect.

There are several methods that can be used to prevent the use of polyethylene sheeting. We will introduce you here. If you have any other questions or don't know about it, you can consult our professional staff directly.