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Why Choose Our Crane Outrigger Pads

Jun 12, 2019

Leg pad also known as: Crane pad, crane pad, etc., it is often used in construction machinery, play a good support to provide a stable support force role.

In addition, he can protect the ground from harm, in short, he is very widely used in our lives. First of all, the material, our leg pad material is UHMWPE material, this material leg pad has light quality, good wear resistance, high and low temperature resistance, one of the most prominent features is, when more than the load-bearing, ning bending without breaking, to ensure the quality of the project.

It is not like the steel leg pad is heavy and crisp, nor is it as small as the wood load, need to be replaced frequently.

In addition, our leg pad quality assurance, because we have been 31 heavy industry, Zhongke re-linked, Xugong, Xiamen and other enterprises suppliers and long-term partners, we can also provide a one-year warranty, anyone who has used our products are said to say!