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Why is the high wear-resistant coal bunker liner widely used?

Aug 22, 2019

High wear-resistant coal bunker lining is widely used in mining, coal preparation, metallurgical, thermal power, shipbuilding and other sectors to transport liquid, solid, solid-liquid mixture funnel, sump, flap, scraper conveyor Wear-resisting and anti-corrosion applications for slides, jig sieve plates, flotation machine liners, ship cargo liners, large sliders, mine cars, dump truck compartment linings, etc. Why is the high wear-resistant coal bunker lining widely used? The following small series will explain for you:

1. High wear-resistant coal bunker liner with high wear resistance: static friction coefficient is 0.07;

2, high wear-resistant coal silo lining corrosion resistance: can be applied in concentrated at 80 ° C, stable performance in 75% concentrated, 20%.

3, high wear-resistant coal warehouse liner impact resistance: impact resistance is the first in nylon, no matter strong external impact, internal pressure fluctuations, it is difficult to crack.