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5 Aspects To Be Aware Of When Using Boron-containing Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene Sheets

Aug 06, 2019

Boron-containing ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene sheets are a common type of rod and are used in more and more industries. In order to give users a better understanding of the use of boron-containing ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheets, we briefly introduce:

  1. After the second use, the material in the silo is stored to 2/3 of the entire warehouse capacity and then discharged.

  2. During the operation of the boron-containing ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene sheet, it is necessary to keep the material in and out of the material warehouse and keep the storage capacity of the material in the warehouse at 1/2 or more. Total storage capacity.

  3. It is strictly forbidden to directly impinge the liner on the boron-containing ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene board.

  4. Different materials have different hardnesses. Do not change the material and flow rate at will. If it needs to be changed, it should not exceed 12% of the original design capacity. Changing the material or flow rate can affect the life of the reinforcement.

  5. In the static state of the warehouse, the material should not exceed 36 hours. Materials with a water content of less than 4% can be extended for a period of time.