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Advantages Of Polyethylene Synthetic Ice Rink Panel

Jan 10, 2019

How much is the simulated ice skate on the true ice than its slip? What is the feeling on the top. In order to let everyone better understand the simulation of ice skates, let's compare the 5th generation of simulated ice skates on real ice.

    Experiment 1: Site selection

    Simulated ice rink: any leveling site and size

    Real ice rink: strict infrastructure requirements, requiring high power distribution

    Experiment 2: skating feeling

    Simulated ice rink: 95% similar feeling to high quality real ice

    Real ice rink: high quality ice surface feels comfortable, low quality is not as good as imitation ice

    Experiment 3: Environmental Protection

    Simulated ice rink: no toxic and harmful gases, recyclable

    Real ice rink: Requires refrigerants such as Freon and high-power refrigeration equipment

    Experiment 4: Energy consumption

    Simulated ice rink: except for lighting, it is basically nothing, saving about 1.2 million yuan per year compared to real ice.

    Real ice rink: a large amount of refrigeration, ventilation, and a large amount of ice water

    This shows that the simulation ice rink has great advantages.

    The advantages of a simulated ice rink

   (1) Cost advantage: Compared with the real ice rink, the construction cost of the ice rink is only about 1/4 of that of real ice (the cost of ice skating is about 3000-4500 yuan/m2).

   (2) Site advantage: The imitation ice rink is not restricted by the site area, location and environment. Installation is quick and easy. Both indoors and outdoors.


   (3) Seasonal advantage: All seasons, regardless of the temperature, you can enjoy the fun of skating.

    (4) Low operating cost: no need for huge power cooling costs, no need for large amounts of ice making water. Easy to maintain and long service life.

    (5) Environmental protection: no pollution, no noise, and can be recycled. Water saving and electricity saving.


    (6) The unique floorless coaming system is easy to install and remove. After the disassembly, the ground is intact. (7) Convenience: The ice rink area can be adjusted at any time according to market and business conditions.

    With such a big advantage, you can feel the feeling of gliding on the ice in the hot summer!