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Analysis Of The Environmental Habits Of High Molecular Polyethylene Rails

Aug 06, 2019

Do we understand the environmental habits of high molecular polyethylene rails? As for some people, the high-molecular-weight polyethylene guide rails are still somewhat unfamiliar. So today, let's understand from its environmental habits: high-molecular polyethylene guide rails are used for devices under various environmental conditions, and can be planned to be assembled. The structure can be customized according to user requirements, which is convenient for equipment repair. If the operating conditions are very difficult, the use of hoppers, chutes, and metallurgical supply funnels in coal mines.

It can completely solve the problem of bonding and blocking materials during transportation, and complete safe, efficient and normal production. High-molecular polyethylene guide rails have improved wear resistance; high impact resistance; very low friction coefficient; outstanding chemical resistance; very low water absorption. The high-molecular-weight polyethylene guide not only retains the high impact strength of the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet, the friction coefficient is low, and the self-lubricating function is excellent, and can satisfy the different functional requirements of the customer.


    Such as flame-retardant high-molecular-weight polyethylene sheet, the liner is difficult to take off, can be calmed down within 3-10 seconds after leaving the fire source, and does not drip, the amount of smoke is small, and the evaporation gas is harmless to the human body. After testing by the Flame Retardant Data Laboratory, the product was determined to be green and environmentally friendly, with high implementation and use value.