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Application Of Friction Welding In Belt Roller

Oct 10, 2017

In the rapid development of the Internet today, logistics, warehousing market increasingly prosperous, transport equipment has become a logistics, warehousing enterprises, the main equipment. Roller as the main component of the transmission equipment, structure and quality of good or bad, a direct impact on the normal operation of the equipment. As the country's largest manufacturer of drums, R & D and production of belt Roller series, with its unique production and processing technology and high standards of product quality, to meet the needs of various industries transport equipment.
The traditional Roller production adopts ordinary welding mode, which is mainly welded by hand welding or gas protection welding, and is welded with the addition of welding material. The drum processing technology is complicated, the production efficiency is low, the welding quality is unstable, the solder joint appears Weld, , Fracture phenomenon often occurs.
In order to solve this difficult, we through research and development, using a new welding technology - friction welding. And received a national patent.
The use of friction welding technology, Roller welding production is more simple, convenient and fast. Welding only when the head and Roller friction, resulting in high temperature after extrusion plastic can be, welding area, to ensure that 100% of the end of the integration. The welding point is forged structure, the strength exceeds the base metal, welding without adding any welding material, to avoid the third kind of welding material involved in the risk of impurities into the weld. Welding quality and stability, processing time is fast, just a short 3-5 seconds, greatly enhance the production efficiency. Through the welding point cutting, tensile test analysis, solder penetration better, no pores, welding strength, to meet the transport industry high-speed, heavy-duty operation mode.
Through this friction welding technology, we have to adjust the processing of the shaft head, the drum in the welding before the quenching and tempering treatment, before the production of the head, through the preheating before welding, welding insulation and a series of processes to prevent the In the process of friction Roller welding due to the local part of the workpiece temperature after the temperature drop too fast and the organization of brittle, quenched and tempered high temperature annealing hardness decline. Test results show that before and after welding the workpiece hardness consistent, to meet the different customers on the hardness of the technical requirements of the shaft head.
The application of friction welding technology makes the production process more simple, more stable quality, shorter manufacturing cycle, faster delivery times, faster response to customer requirements, and improved customer satisfaction. I believe in the near future, the new friction welding drum will become the customer sought after star products.
Belt Roller, widely used in belt conveyor equipment, drum beating level is a measure of conveyor conveyor an important indicator of smooth delivery. Roller beating the General Assembly caused the cargo delivery is not smooth, resulting in goods deviation, drop, vibration noise and other adverse consequences, serious and even lead to accelerated wear and tear, and ultimately affect the equipment life. Therefore, how to control the drum beating in the industry leading level to become a major problem in the production of the product.
In response to this problem, we set up a special belt Roller research project team, by analyzing the existing processing technology and the actual operation of the scene, the use of dial indicator field measured data, according to the human machine method ring, fish bone map, brainstorm And a series of tools, combing the current process may exist some major issues, such as tool applicability, clamping gap, tail tight and so on. For many problems, through continuous testing, try all kinds of heads, adjust the process sequence, Roller adjust the speed of the knife, the workpiece speed, feed, replace the chuck, making more standard tooling and other measures, in the production of time and time again , Verify the formation of a mature belt Roller beating control norms to ensure that each finished product drum beating level in 20 or less.