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Application Of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene UPE Products

Jul 17, 2019

Due to its superior performance, it has been widely used in various sectors of the national industry. UPE has been widely used in textile, paper, packaging, transportation, machinery, chemical, mining, petroleum, agriculture, construction, electrical, food, medical, sports and other fields, and has begun to enter the field of conventional weapons, ships, automobiles and so on.

1. Applications based on wear resistance and impact resistance

1), textile machinery

Textile machinery is the first application area of UPE. At present, there are an average of 30 UPE parts used in each textile machinery in foreign countries, such as shuttles, shuttle rods, gears, couplings, sweeping rods, buffer blocks, eccentric wheels, rod bushings, swinging back beams, etc. Wear parts.

2), paper machine

Paper machinery is the second area of UPE applications. At present, the use of UPE in papermaking machinery accounts for 10% of the total amount, such as the wiper board of the paper machine made by UPE, the suction box cover, the deflector, the hydrofoil, the compacted part, the joint, the sealing shaft, and the partial Guide wheels, scrapers, filters, etc.

3), packaging machinery

Replace the modified fluoroplastic with UPE to make the guide rail, the slider seat of the conveyor, the fixing plate, etc., UPE rail, pad, and barrier (plastic steel).

4) General machinery

UPE can be used to make gears, cams, impellers, rollers, pulleys, bearings, bushings, bushings, pins, washers, gaskets, flexible couplings, screws, pipe clamps, etc. Such as the protective plates of piers and bridge piers.

2, the application of self-lubricating and non-sticky

1), material storage and transportation

UPE can be used to make powder-like linings such as silos, hoppers, chutes, etc., sliding surfaces, rollers, etc. Storage bin lining lining of coal hopper, powdery product bucket, etc.

2), agriculture, construction machinery

UPE can be used to make anti-wear plates, brackets, etc. for agricultural implements.

3), sports supplies

UPE can be used to make skating sleds, sleds and so on.

3. Applications based on corrosion resistance and non-absorbency

1), container packaging

The use of UPE to make warm water containers for solar installations is one of the most widely used areas of UPE.

2), chemical equipment

Use UPE to make chemical industrial parts such as seal fillers, packing materials, vacuum mold boxes, pump parts, bearing bushings, gears, seals and so on.

3), conveying pipeline

4, the application of health and non-toxicity

1), food and beverage industry

In the beverage light industry, it mainly uses its outstanding wear resistance, impact resistance, self-lubricating and non-toxicity to manufacture various gears, cams, conveyor line wear-resistant guardrails, gaskets, guide rails and various anti-friction, self-reduction Lubricated bushings, linings, etc. Such as: food machinery guard rails, star wheels, guide kun gears, bearing bushings, etc.

2), medical

Artificial body parts can be made with UPE.

5, other performance applications: ship parts, cryogenic mechanical parts, etc.

1), low temperature resistance application

2), electrical insulation performance application

An acid lead battery separator (membrane) can be produced by UPE in an amount of 4,000 tons/year.

3), application in coal mines

UPE can be used to make sky wheel liners, wire rope rollers, lifting buckets, tank ears, tank rails, belt rollers, conveyor scrapers, baffles, chutes, and sprayer friction plates.