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Basic Characteristics Of Ultra-high Molecular Shaped Parts

Jul 26, 2019

With the continuous improvement of ultra-high polymer technology, the processed products are getting more and more quality. In particular, after various types of ultra-high molecular shaped parts are widely marketed, its cost performance is very high, so it is obvious that it is loved by users.

Wear resistance should be an important feature of it. But the greater the molecular weight, its impact resistance and wear resistance will be more powerful. Sometimes even some metal products can't match each other. At the same time, it has self-lubricating effect and anti-seismic effect, so the sales volume in the market is also very good.

In addition, such shaped parts are so popular in the market, and also because of their low temperature resistance. Even at a high temperature of 80 degrees, the low temperature is below two Baidu, it can work well, without cracking, brittle cracking and so on. Of course, its low temperature resistance is good, and its material is highly tough, so it can ensure more quality when it is used.

Today's ultra-polymer shaped parts are widely used in various fields, such as cement plants, steel plants, aluminum plants and other material warehouses, which have important applications. Especially in the granary and dock heads where pharmaceuticals are not waiting, it can prevent the occurrence of blockage accidents, thus saving users a lot of investment and expenses.