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Best Popular PE Synthetic Ice Skating Rink

Jul 17, 2019

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Material:PE

  • Kind:Engineering Plastic Sheet

  • Water Absorption:<0.01%

  • Contraction Percentage:<0.4%

  • Tensile Strength:(41~50)MPa

  • Transport Package:Pallet

  • Specification:as your requirement

  • Origin:China

Product Description
What is the ice skating rink 

The UHMWPE synthetic ice rink is made from UHMWPE(ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene ) which is refer to the linear polyethylene whose average molecular weight is more than 1.5 million .There is almost no difference between the real ice rink and the synthetic ice rink but the synthetic ice rink have incomparable advantage in cost.At the same time , our rinks can be installed nearly anywhere and used in all weathers.

The feature  of UHMWPE synthetic ice skating rink 

Our synthetic ice skating rinks have a huge advantage over real ice as follow:
1, Don't need expensive or pollution generators or chillers
2,We don't have huge fuel or water bills
3,Our skating surface cannot melt
4,We can guarantee 24/7 skating
5,Our surfaces make for a safer skate
6, We have no environmental issues
7,We don't need our surfaces to be re-surfaced
8, Installation / de-rigging time is a lot quicker .
We can provide the plan and scheme of the operation, technical support and installation .
The specifications , colour, shape ,anti-slip pattern and logo of the product can be customized as your requirement .

The application pf UHMWPE synthetic ice skating rink 

Leisure time installations, sport parks and sport centers
Home training ,shooting zones,
Ice-hockey,speed and figure skating,curling
Shopping centers
Sport shops
Entertainment and holiday parks.