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Characteristics Of Flame Retardant Ultra-polymer Polyethylene Sheet

Jun 05, 2019

Flame retardant Ultra-polymer polyethylene sheet is a common polymer material, mostly used in coal mines, power plants, warehousing facilities, cement industry, chemical and metallurgical industry coal silos, sliders and all bulk iron trucks and dump cars and other wear-resistant lining.

I plant the latest introduction of this ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet of the main performance and other properties compared to the friction coefficient is small, with good sliding performance. Flame-Retardant ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet with super low temperature resistance characteristics of the plate, can be 70 ℃ to 90 ℃ temperature around the normal use without damage. Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plate Characteristics: ultra-highly molecular weight polyethylene plate mechanical strength, anti-static, long service life.


The compressive strength is 7~10 times higher than the wood lining, there will be no crushing, the rope groove rubbing equal phenomenon, the service life is higher than 5 times times the wood lining. Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plate has a wide range of applications. Anti-cracking and moisture-resistant, will not appear wood lining dry crack, decay and other phenomena, especially suitable for mine water, corrosive harsh environment and downhole conditions to use. Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plate specific gravity is light, do not absorb water.


The specific gravity is 0.98, which is lighter than the wood lining after absorbing water, so it does not increase the amount of inertial and reactive power of the equipment. Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plate molded molding, rope groove surface smooth. Easy to install, wire rope arranged neatly, will not appear bite rope, skipping rope phenomenon, greatly extend the service life of wire rope.


The main properties of polymer polyethylene sheet: The wear resistance of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene UHMW-PE is higher than that of all kinds of pure plastics, and increases with the increase of molecular weight. UHMWPE is easy to produce adhesion wear when paired with steel and copper. The wear on the fittings is small.


Service life is higher than steel, wear resistance is carbon steel and stainless steel 3~7 times; ultra high molecular weight polyethylene UHMW-PE self-lubricating is very good, rolling friction coefficient in the plastic is very low, can be in the form of sliding or rotating without lubrication, its lubrication is better than steel and copper in the case of lubricating oil. Ultra high Molecular weight polyethylene UHMW-PE has a strong absorption and punching skills and friction muffler performance, has the advantages of small friction noise; ultra high molecular weight polyethylene UHMW-PE Impact strength Column plastic head, is an existing plastic varieties of impact resistance, the impact strength at room temperature can be comparable with polycarbonate PC,


And the low temperature impact strength is even better than the polycarbonate PC. Its impact strength is 8 times times that of ABS, 10 times times that of PA66, 22 times times that of POM and 25 times times that of PBT. Ultra high Molecular weight polyethylene UHMW-PE has good fatigue resistance and fatigue strength of more than 500,000 times.