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China's Engineering Plastic Production Process To Be Improved

Jul 27, 2017

China's Engineering Plastic production process to be improved
       Engineering Plastic refers to blends of Engineering Plastic (resins), including PC (polycarbonate), PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), PA (nylon), POM (polyoxymethylene), PPO ( (Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer) resin, which is commonly used in Engineering Plastic, in some applications, such as poly (phenylene ether), PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) material. General Engineering Plastic, such as pvc (polyvinyl chloride), PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), PS (polystyrene), although still has a wide range of use value, but because of its production technology is generally mastered, so abroad Some large companies specifically supply more high value-added Engineering Plastic varieties.
        PC / ABS as the world's largest sales of commercial polymer alloy, in 2003 the world's total output of more than 700,000 tons. Nearly five years, PC / ABS alloy production every year to about 10% growth rate, the growth rate in the plastic field in the forefront. At present, PC / ABS alloying research has become a hot spot in polymer alloy research. PC / ABS combines the excellent performance of PC and ABS, on the one hand to improve the ABS heat resistance, impact and tensile strength, on the other hand reduce the PC cost and melt viscosity. PC / ABS alloy of these advantages, making it in the field of electrical and electronic and electronic fashion consumer goods has been the most widely used, a typical example is the phone shell.
       With the sustained and rapid development of China's economy, Engineering Plastic market demand continues to increase, especially in the automotive, building materials and electronic communications rapid development, directly promote the rapid development of China's Engineering Plastic industry. However, the domestic and international Engineering Plastic market, the world's annual demand for Engineering Plastic growth rate of about 10%, of which the highest value-added Engineering Plastic growth rate of up to about 15%, a multinational companies to actively develop varieties. In the United States, Europe, Japan has achieved industrialization of Engineering Plastic varieties, Engineering Plastic accounted for the vast majority of alloying has become the main method of Engineering Plastic modification. However, China's Engineering Plastic varieties, poor quality, annual imports accounted for more than 60% of the total demand.
       As China's demand for Engineering Plastic market is very large, and mainly rely on imports, so the development of Engineering Plastic production, improve the competitiveness of domestic resin and the level of domestic plastic processing is very important and necessary, especially the development of higher profits, faster market growth Engineering Plastic varieties, is the current Engineering Plastic industry in China's top priority.
Speaking of Engineering Plastic, it is now widely used in many occasions inside. This light diffusion PC manufacturers detailed analysis of some, I hope you can provide help:
Engineering Plastic in the use of electronic appliances is more common, mainly used in the wire and cable coating, in some insulating film and other insulating materials and electrical equipment structural parts.
Engineering Plastic in the use of household appliances is also very common. Like everyone's common refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, irons and so on all need to use Engineering Plastic.
Engineering Plastic in the chemical industry is also more common use, help heat exchangers, like the common pipe fittings, valves, pumps and other chemical pipelines on the use of high.
Finally, the use of Engineering Plastic in the machinery industry is extremely high, such as bearings, gears, screws and other aspects of the use of high.
With the continuous development of the times, so the appropriate application of Engineering Plastic, contribute to the transformation of the industry, the product structure for the appropriate adjustment, so its utilization rate should not be ignored!