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China 's Food Grade Plastic Manufacturing Enterprises Domestic And Foreign Markets Are Limited

Aug 16, 2017

China 's Food Grade Plastic manufacturing enterprises domestic and foreign markets are limited
  China's Food Grade Plastic products subject to multi-limit, domestic and international market pressure, uncertain factors strong. The next period of Food Grade Plastic products is still optimistic, although the March Food Grade Plastic exports relative to the previous two months have eased, but the pressure is still large.
China 's Food Grade Plastic enterprises domestic and foreign markets are limited
According to Zhongyu information analysis, the first quarter of this year, have released food and grade plastic products import and export data show that China's foreign trade environment is very serious in the first quarter, exports fell enough to show that domestic and international economic pressure, both domestic and foreign demand, Obviously feel the domestic Food Grade Plastic industry sales resistance, China's foreign trade is facing more than the previous situation is more severe and complex, and the uncertainty is very strong.
1. Enterprises are subject to many restrictions but can not do
First of all, China's terminal Food Grade Plastic processing and manufacturing enterprises, after the Spring Festival in 2017 basically in a low-load state, Hebei, Henan, Shandong and other provinces most of the Food Grade Plastic processing and products business, will be forced to close The As the northern "North Food Grade Plastic production center", this year's basic control of the closure of the majority of Food Grade Plastic products and processing enterprises, Hebei enterprises are mainly characterized by a large number of individual enterprises, and the cost is generally high, raw material consumption High, high energy consumption, so most of the business will be closed. Zhongyu information that, in particular, many foreign trade enterprises, in such a large environment, most of the enterprises did not close, but also dare not take orders, the current situation that is not clear.
2. East China and other unaffected enterprises more domestic market-based
In the analysis of information, many of the major importing countries, with reference to the price of Southeast Asia, indeed, China's finished product export prices without any advantage at all. More supply in the international pressure on each other, after all, the main reason or the downstream and terminal demand downturn caused by the global economic performance is weak, the recovery is relatively slow twists and turns, so foreign trade enterprises will usher in a new normal. Many lost orders, it is difficult to grab back, or to go through fierce competition, from the new economy to grab the market.
3. Potential market expectations in the second half
Zhongyu information that the traditional industries in China more and more difficult to export, and Food Grade Plastic products industry attributed to the majority, in fact, many consumers of Food Grade Plastic products more and more demand, whether it is cars, home, construction, etc. And so on, the traditional materials are slowly being replaced by Food Grade Plastic. At present, China's Food Grade Plastic products market is particularly prominent in the contradiction between supply and demand, which is often said that the structural problems, the traditional Food Grade Plastic products surplus, the market demand will gradually shrink, high-tech Food Grade Plastic products are slow, Also appeared in short supply. With the new materials, new equipment and new technology continue to emerge in the future competition will intensify, China's production enterprises should pay attention to the development trend of the industry and the structural problems facing China's Food Grade Plastic manufacturers and Food Grade Plastic products production Enterprises, there is no doubt that there are a lot of potential market.