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China's Plastic Sheet Market Share In The First Place In The Asia-Pacific Region

Jul 27, 2017

China's Plastic Sheet market share in the first place in the Asia-Pacific region
    As we all know, China has become the world's largest plastic products production and consumption market one. 【Five Plastic Sheet: PC, NYLON, Plastic Sheet, PBT, MPPO】 The field of Plastic Sheet is a high-end technology in plastic products.
From 2006 to 2009, the average annual growth rate of China's Plastic Sheet consumption was 13%, higher than the overall growth rate of plastic products 11.67%.
    At present, China's plastic sheet industry, the basic balance of supply and demand situation, but there are some products in the structure of product overcapacity and some product capacity coexistence of contradictions. The main reason is: on the one hand, most domestic manufacturers focus on the field of competition is in the low-end general-purpose products, the technical content is relatively low,

Added value is not high; the other hand, because there is no master of the core formula, backward technology, coupled with high-quality synthetic resin self-sufficiency rate is low, domestic high-performance Plastic Sheet products are often in short supply.

    China's Plastic Sheet industry presents a strong regional characteristics, enterprises are mainly distributed in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta region, the two regions are China's electronics, automotive, machinery products processing industry, the most developed areas.

    At present, China engaged in Plastic Sheet production enterprises have thousands, of which more than 100 large-scale Plastic Sheet business, production capacity of more than 3,000 tons of about 70 or so. But the majority of enterprises in the industry a single product variety, smaller scale, industry concentration is low, the vast majority of enterprises located in South China, East China and the Bohai Sea and other economically developed areas. Competition from the industry point of view, in addition to some industry-leading enterprises, the majority of domestic Plastic Sheet business or focus on low-end products in the field. Companies with technology leadership and capital strength are committed to developing high-end products, by increasing the technical threshold of the product and providing customers with more comprehensive technical support services to build their own competitive advantage to seize the high-end customer market.

    With the multinational companies have set up factories in the country to increase the marketing efforts of the Chinese market, China's Plastic Sheet market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. The future, the domestic Plastic Sheet market competition will be more reflected in the manufacturers to meet customer demand for customization capabilities, high-end new materials, product development capabilities, product performance stability control capabilities and technical support services and other aspects.
Plastic Sheet is a short polyoxymethylene formaldehyde, is developed after the nylon out of a new fine resin varieties, has a very good overall performance.
For example:
1, Plastic Sheet has a high hardness and steel;
2, Plastic Sheet has a good creep resistance and stress relaxation ability;
3, Plastic Sheet has excellent wear resistance, self-lubricating and fatigue;
4, Plastic Sheet, the size of good stability, low water absorption, the mechanical properties of the impact is very small;
5, the dielectric constant of the Plastic Sheet and the dielectric loss tangent change is very small, with good dielectric properties.