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Chinese Plastic Sheet Manufacturing Enterprises Are Limited In Domestic And Foreign Markets

Jul 17, 2017

Chinese Plastic Sheet manufacturing enterprises are limited in domestic and foreign markets

China's Plastic Sheet products are subject to many restrictions, and domestic and foreign markets are more stressed and uncertain. In the future, Plastic Sheet products are still difficult to be optimistic, although in March, the export of Plastic Sheet products eased somewhat compared with the previous two months, but the pressure remained high.

Chinese Plastic Sheet enterprises are limited in domestic and foreign markets

According to the information analysis, in the first quarter this year, the series of plastic products import and export data shows that our country foreign trade environment is very severe in the first quarter, exports fell down enough to show that domestic and international economic pressure, whether domestic or foreign demand, obviously feeling domestic plastic industry sales resistance is bigger, the situation of China's foreign trade is facing more serious and complicated than previously expected, and uncertain factors are very strong.

1. There are many restrictions on the company's orders but not able to do so

First of all, terminal plastic processing and manufacturing enterprises of our country, after the Spring Festival in 2017 basic in low load condition, hebei, henan, shandong and other provinces are mostly plastic processing and products enterprises, will be forced to shut down. As "northern plastic production center in the north, this year the governance basic shut down most of the plastic products and processing enterprises, mainly the features of the enterprises in hebei most individual enterprises small in scale, and generally on the high side, raw material consumption, Plastic Sheet high energy consumption cost is high, so most enterprises will be closed. According to the information, especially many enterprises that do foreign trade, under the influence of this environment, most enterprises that have not shut down will not be able to take orders again. The current situation is not clear.

2. East China and other unaffected enterprises are mainly domestic market

Information analysis, Plastic Sheet at present, many major importers, referring to the price of southeast Asia, do not have any advantages for the export price of finished products in China. More supply of goods in the international on each other, finally the main reason still downstream and end demand caused by the downturn, sluggish global economic performance, the recovery is relatively slow twists and turns, so foreign trade enterprises will also usher in the new normal. Many of the lost orders are hard to get back, or to get back into the market from the new economy through intense competition.

3. The potential market looks forward to the second half of the year

Information that the export of traditional labor-intensive industries in our country increasingly difficult, and the plastic products industry most fall under this category, a lot of consumers more and more demand for plastic products, automobile, household, building, etc., traditional materials are slowly being replaced by plastic. At present, the plastic products market in the contradiction between supply and demand stands out, it is often said that the structural problems, traditional excess plastic products, the market demand will slowly shrink, high-tech plastic products is slow development, many areas also appeared in short supply. With new material, Plastic Sheet new equipment and new technology constantly emerging, in the future competition will be intensified, manufacturing enterprises in our country should pay more attention to the trend of the development of the industry and the structure of the problem, for our country's manufacturers of plastic and plastic products production enterprise, undoubtedly there is a huge potential market.