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Coal Bunker

Aug 19, 2019

There are two common types of coal bunker plugging: one is that the wet coal powder starts to bond on the wall of the warehouse, and the layers are superimposed one after another, and then the shape of the mouse hole is formed in the silo, and then the coal is plugged. The other is due to the large internal frictional resistance between the wet coal powder blocks, and the external frictional resistance between it and the silo wall is also large. When the coal bunk is filled with coal, the coal outlet of the lower conical section is similarly formed. The arched shape of the stuck and rusted (commonly known as the bridge). When the brakes are opened, only a small part can be put down, and the upper coal is blocked by the arching.

In coal mining enterprises in the cold regions of the north, if the cold-proof measures are limited in winter, it is prone to blockage caused by the freezing of water-containing materials and warehouse walls.

The use of many coal mines and power plants in Henan, Shandong, Shanxi, Hebei and other provinces has effectively solved the problem of blockage, and the effective utilization rate of coal bunkers has been increased from 20%--50% to 100%, avoiding the blockage The production interruption and the warehouse accident have reduced the rate of warehouse breakage and saved the clearance expenses. It has greatly shortened the loading time, reduced the phenomenon of pressing the car, reduced the labor intensity of workers, and the social and economic benefits are significant.