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Conveying Roller Transmission Principle And Structure

Sep 19, 2017

Conveying Roller transmission principle and structure
On the principle of conveying Roller, from its drive, power, speed of these three aspects given the analysis:
1, conveying Roller drive principle is generally through the O-belt, flat friction belt, single sprocket, double sprocket, timing belt and other spool drive.
2, the power of the principle is driven by electric Roller, gear motor drive and other drive mode.
3, the principle of conveying Roller speed stepless speed, frequency control and so on.
Transportation Roller's structure We can analyze the material, fittings, and structure of the racks:
1, conveying Roller's material is generally made of stainless steel, carbon steel spray, aluminum and so on.
2, its auxiliary accessories are Roller edge and stall device.
3, according to the structure of the structure of Roller According to the layout of the form can be divided into multi-layer transport, turn transport, tilt transport and horizontal transport, if the power driven by the form of division, can be divided into dynamic, no power, electric Roller Wait.
Roller line is more suitable for light objects such as luggage, pallets, bulk materials, small pieces of goods, etc., for heavy items need to use sprocket or chain conveyor belt to drive.
Electric Roller is the shaft does not turn the line from the shaft out, there is a circle in the Roller gear motor is off the axis is mainly fixed on the big shaft, the motor shaft has a reducer on the final output shaft has a gear, because the motor and Roller are Axis so the roller does not turn the motor in the body will not turn, only the output shaft with a gear rotation in the drive Roller gear rotation. Electric Roller from the appearance point of view, is a two ends have a shaft cylindrical cylinder. Electric Roller's cylinder is equipped with a motor and a reducer. The stator of the motor, the housing of the gear unit, the fixed shaft of the electric Roller, and the bolts are fixedly connected. Motor shaft drive reducer, reducer drive electric Roller outer cylinder for rotary motion. There is an axial through hole on the fixed shaft of the electric Roller, and the lead wire of the motor extends from the hole. To prevent rotation of the fixed shaft, a keyway is opened at the corresponding position of the shaft and mounting bracket and the key is attached. Now the electric Roller generally use cycloid reducer, the outer cylinder of the plate as a reduction mechanism of a balance wheel, so that the whole electric Roller further simplified.
The complexity of the mine itself and the harshness of its working environment and the presence of a large number of unpredictable contingencies are a major cause of coal mine safety accidents. This article is for the electric Roller belt machine work process prone to insecurity, through technological innovation, the installation of emergency braking device to eliminate the electric Roller belt machine in the inclined roadway operation process prone to security risks. In recent years, due to the installation of electric Roller belt conveyor easy, easy maintenance, transportation and other advantages, in the coal mine driving face along the trough transport has been widely used. However, in the use of inclined roadway, but also prone to some problems: For example, in the electric Roller belt conveyor downstream, in the emergency stop, switch off the case, the belt machine in the parking due to inertia when the role of sliding forward, Leading to the belt head trash too much, to carry out piled clean up, an increase of the belt driver's labor intensity, while damage to the belt roller Roller, shorten the belt life, piled up the fall in the road to the pedestrian safety impact. Second, the electric Roller belt machine emergency brake device principle In order to solve the problem of driving down the gang following the belt down the road, we through the study of electric Roller belt machine performance and the practical application of the problems, we developed a downstream belt Electric Roller emergency brake. 1, the idea of emergency braking device How to stop the belt in the electric Roller belt after the power outage, is the key to emergency braking device; we use the cylinder hydraulic principle, developed the emergency brake device. 2, the construction and production of emergency braking device The emergency brake device is simple, mainly by a propulsion cylinder, brake channel steel, operating valves, water pipes and other components. Brakes are mainly used to complete the brake shoe.