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Customizable Nylon Slide Block

Feb 26, 2019

Nylon Slide Block

Nylon slide block is an excellent plastic products that are more durable than metal sliders. It features in long service life and good wear resistance. The wear resistance of nylon is better than steel. When operate with nylon slide block, it work for a long time with minimal lubricating.

Nylon slider has good impact and fatigue resistance, and the ability to resist vibration is also very good. The noise is 2-4 times less than steel slider. Replace steel and metal slider with nylon slide block, not only saves maintenance, but also reduce the environmental pollution.


1, Light weight, easy to install at high altitude.

2, Excellent wear resistance and long service life.

3, Protect the wire rope and extend the service life of the wire rope. (The ratio of steel pulley can extend the service life of steel wire rope by 8 times)

4, No friction sparks, strong safety performance.

5, Can be used constantly in open air operation.

6, Self-lubricating, long life with low working temperature


The nylon slider has high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and self-lubrication. It can be used to make hoppers, silos and chute linings for coal, cement, lime, mineral powder, salt and grain powder materials. Because of its excellent abrasion resistance, self-lubricity and non-stickiness property, it ensure stable transportation and secure storage.