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Customized Nylon Chain Wheels

Feb 13, 2019

Nylon chain wheel can be divided into driving chain wheel and driven chain wheel. The driving chain wheel is installed on the engine output shaft by spline. The driven chain wheel is mounted on the driving wheel and passes through the chain transmits to the drive wheels. Usually, the drive wheel is smaller than the driven wheel, which can reduce the speed and increase the twist.


The material for producing the nylon chain wheel is made of a polymer in a resin and a long molecular chain formed of a plurality of units. When these polymer molecular chains are neatly discharged, the polymer forms a semi-crystalline form. And the coiled polymer needs to be stretched, and if it is required to be made of a higher strength material, the elasticity of the polymer must be eliminated. When hydrogen is added to the nylon sprocket, the stretchability can be effectively overcome.


Low noise, non-lubricated operation, low inertia and corrosion resistance compared to conventional metal gears. Although the strength of the nylon gear is significantly lower than that of the corresponding metal gear, due to its low friction and low inertia, as well as the elasticity (bending) of the thermoplastic gear teeth, it can replace metals in many applications - especially non-ferrous metals, Cast iron and unhardened steel.

1. Nylon gear teeth have the advantage of high precision, high strength and long service life.

2. The product manufacturing process uses all kinds of excellent machinery and professional technology.

3. If you need to customize a variety of products, we can make drawings and produce according to the specifications and parameters you provide or the drawings and samples.

4. Products are widely used in textile, food, printing, glass, rubber machinery, automatic doors, gardens and other industries.