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Domestic Food Grade Plastic Industry Status And Development Potential

Jun 21, 2017

Domestic Food Grade Plastic industry status and development potential
 Waste recycling industry, from ancient times to the present is an influential industry, both life and production play a decisive role, it is a natural development of the industry, but before people do not know the importance of this industry only. Due to the shortage of energy and not in the country, the state of materials recycling more and more attention, material production on the increasingly dependent on the use of waste materials, so that the waste material industry has been healthy development, production enterprises can not do without renewable materials, who leave It will not make money or less money, so the past few years people look at the industry, but also to compete to enter the stage of this industry, more and more intense competition, will also evolve into the point of survival of the fittest.

     China's food-grade plastic recycling industry development, probably can be classified as three stages: First, the understanding stage, two, the development stage, three, the competitive stage.

     First, the understanding of the stage.

     Probably 1984-1994 can be divided into the understanding stage, that is, from the beginning to recognize the use of development. Before 1984, plastic recycling is only a little understanding of PVC, PE, PP, PS, and only a small amount of state-owned enterprises and collective enterprises will use, the basic people rarely know, it is rarely used. After the reform and opening up due to the increase in the number of plastic enterprises, food-grade plastics also followed by the increase in some enterprises gradually use food-grade plastic processing as a raw material to do the product. At first, only the use of PVC, PP, PE, PS, slowly also some of the use of engineering plastics, probably to most of the plastic varieties in 1993 can be recycled.

     Second, the development stage.

     Probably in the 1994-2004 is the stage of vigorous development of food-grade plastics, this time is the food-grade plastic recycling is fully exploited, most of the food-grade plastics can be recycled, some of the past can not use the composite But also to be used, the domestic food-grade plastics have been fully recycled, recycling is also very high, it was said that China's food-grade plastic recycling rate of less than 50%, it is not understand the industry, said what developed The country's utilization rate is high, we can not keep up with the recovery, it is wrong, and wrong, I dare say that China's food-grade plastic recycling rate is the highest in the world, China's minimum 80% of food Plastic recycling. And our recycling technology is also very good, the classification of plastic is also very good, food-grade plastic recycling is that we invented a lot of the past can not be used now have the technology can make it easy to use, technical level Also increased year by year, this time the number of imported food grade plastic is also increasing. Developed countries used to treat food-grade plastics as rubbish, and we were helping them recover energy.

     Third, the competitive stage.

     2005-2007 and the following years. Is the food-grade plastics business and the most intense competition, but also close to the crazy time, due to the increasing demand for food-grade plastics, people's awareness of food-grade plastics, energy shortages, national and social support, which A few years to run food-grade plastics are also making money, most people look at the plastic recycling industry, the past is that the industry is disgraceful industry, now not only do not feel disgraced, on the contrary also feel luster it Because a lot of plastic products can not be separated from food-grade plastic, left no money to earn, the product is not competitive, the past few years into the industry a substantial increase, and now many people want to enter the industry, often asked me this industry Case. Food-grade plastics industry has reached the point of brutal competition. Now the food-grade plastics industry is already low-profit time, most of the enterprises this year are low-profit or the operation, poor management and loss of a lot of people. The next few years, the food-grade plastics industry will face operational difficulties, Whether it is domestic recycling or imports of food-grade plastic will be very difficult. Within a few years the food-grade plastics industry will be a big reshuffle situation, will be the survival of the fittest, discomfort out. Many traders in Hong Kong have suffered a lot last year, some have done no less than the other, and some are closed. Want to get a good return, some companies will have to change, change business strategy, improve profits and competitiveness.