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Durability Of High Molecular Polyethylene Sheet How To Improve

Sep 18, 2016

Polyethylene sheet now has been a wide range of applications, this plank of ultra high performance, I believe we should all understand, what about the durability of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene Board, how much do you know about, if done properly, can improve the durability of the plates.

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene lining plates which were at first used the Treasury Board, the requirements for material storage to the entire Treasury of two-thirds capacity of discharge. Typically used to no greater than 80 ℃ environment. Prevent direct impact on liner material shall not alter the warehouse material flow, or will affect the life of the lining, forming quality of corruption. Damage its structure and firmware are not allowed to use force. Application of low temperature conditions to prevent caking, try to shorten the length of left-of items within the warehouse. Viscous material not long-term placement in the warehouse to prevent caking. Other materials should not exceed more than three days of the Treasury deposit, moisture content in small stores stopped extending time according to the actual situation. According to this approach to operations, will greatly improve the durability of ultra high molecular.

Super polymer volume polyethylene Board is a quality of polymer plate, now has gradually get has widely of application, we production of Super polymer volume polyethylene Board in material select Shang and processing process Shang are has high of requirements and operation specification, spare parts of surface processing Shang, as for coating processing can greatly increased spare parts of using life, spare parts making material of different also will on spare parts of using quality and life produced great of effect, Thus formed the spare parts on the market because the material depending on technique and moods. Supporting the use of the head and the wheel, this is the first pressure head cover to the tank outlet, next scroll to complete volume tasks.

For ultra high molecular weight polyethylene Board to itself because of its ultra high molecular polyethylene of raw materials with outstanding properties of high temperature and makes it possible to maintain normal work in a certain high temperature environment. Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene Board in the market seems to be a relatively common material, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene Board as the warehouse at first liner, when when the warehouse storage and two-thirds, in order to prevent the impact of materials on liner, only warehouses and flow of materials. Too low a temperature will also affect the life of polyethylene sheet, you should try to shorten the storage time of warehouse.